John MacArthur exposes Billy Graham’s “wider-mercy view”.

“Now we have a kind of Protestant viewpoint that says Muslims, and Hindus, and whoever, are going to be in the body of Christ, in the Kingdom, in heaven with salvation, whether they ever get a Bible, or whether they ever hear the gospel, or whether they ever know about Jesus Christ.  The Billy Graham Organization affirmed this position as the same as the one articulated in an article in Decision magazine which Billy wrote in 1960, so this is not something new.  Now, this introduces us to the sort of evangelical side of this, and there’s a term being used today to describe it.  It’s called the wider mercy view, which is a little easier to handle than the natural theology view – the idea that man in his depraved condition can find God, find God’s will, live a righteous life, and please God is – that’s impossible to prove by Scripture.  So rather than posture yourself as a natural theologian, you’d rather be a supernatural theologian, so you come up with another title, the wider mercy view, that there’s this wider latitude, there’s this inclusive view in which the Lord is going to include everybody.  And what it essentially says is that people can be saved in any religion.”

– John MacArthur exposes Billy Graham’s “wider mercy view”.

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Disclaimer: This video and or post represents just my opinion and does not in any way represent the opinion or thoughts of any congregation or church I attend. Thank you.

John Piper Exposed

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Listen To John Piper Anymore.


 Reason No.5

Piper’s Association with Beth Moore

Beth Moore is a completely unbiblical teacher who goes against the scripture verse 1 Timothy 2:12 which says ” I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man”. Some of Beth Moore’s questionable associations include false prophets such as Joyce Meyer’s and Joel Osteen.

Piper has spoken in the past that he’s happy to learn from Beth Moore and provided her his support.

 Reason No.4

Piper’s Defense of Mark Driscoll

Driscoll preached an outrageous sermon in 2007 , that handled the song of Solomon like a sex manual. Many people responded especially pastor John MacArthur who wrote a series of 4 articles titled “The Rape of Solomon’s song”. When questioned about this in 2009, Piper defended him saying that Driscoll gets all kinds of people from all different backgrounds to come to his church , completely discarding the new testament fact that a church is first and foremost for believers.

 Reason No.3

Piper’s Association with Rick Warren

Rick Warren has been exposed by many as a false prophet in the past for his support of gay marriage and trying to blend Catholicism and Protestantism as well as for his prosperity themed books that he’s written.

Piper has given Warren a full-fledged endorsement since 2010 by stating that Warren is “at root theological, doctrinal and sound”.

 Reason No.2

Piper’s Endorsement for Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is an ancient mystic form of prayer where one “empties their mind” which is never recommended anywhere in the bible for a believer to do so. In late 2011, , Piper’s ministry recommended Lectio Divina as a viable prayer practice. These types of prayer consists of 4 elements mainly.

  1. Lectio ( Reading )
  2. Meditatio ( Meditation )
  3. Oratio ( Prayer )
  4. Contemplatio ( Contemplation )  , according to his website. The post was written by Jonathan Parnell for and was later taken down from their website.

Lectio Divina is a non-biblical prayer practice from which true believers should flee from. True believers are to pray in Spirit, staying mindfully alert . We ought not to practice any “mystical prayers” which is to empty one’s mind and go into an altered state of consciousness.

Pagans of all cultures practice these types of mind emptying practices. But the scripture never teaches us to empty our own mind so we can get some kind of mystical message from God.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with meditating upon the word of God. But we don’t stop using our brains or empty our minds to do that. That’s when we step into uncharted waters an that’s where the danger lies.

 Reason No.1

Teaching Style

Now this brings me to the No.1 reason why I don’t listen to John Piper anymore. Here we go. Everything he preaches is very experiential and emotions based. This might seem innocent to many but there is a subtle danger in this, in that when you depend more on your own emotions and feelings to understand the word of God, the chances of the word becoming muddier and distorted goes higher. I’ve also noticed that Piper plays this very high level form of mental jujitsu when it comes to words and what I mean by that is sometimes when he speaks on a topic, especially when he’s confronted on a subject, he has this ability to construct words which could mean something completely different from what he’s saying by the tone and modality of his speech and I think this is very dangerous.


Disclaimer: This video and or post represents just my opinion and does not in any way represent the opinion or thoughts of any congregation or church I attend. Thank you.